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Legislative Update – Guidelines on the Implementation of Flexible Work Arrangements as Remedial Measure Due to the Ongoing Outbreak of Coronavirus Disease 2019

Posted by: The ADP Team on 9 March 2020 in Compliance

The Advisory provides guidelines for the implementation of flexible work arrangements as a temporary measure to address the ongoing outbreak of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19). 

This Advisory is not mandatory and only provides the acceptable alternatives to termination of employees and closure of establishments.  

Flexible work arrangements refer to alternative arrangements or schedules other than the traditional or standard work hours, work days and workweek, as follows:

  • Reduction of Work Hours and/or Workdays – the Normal work hours or work days per week are reduced.
  • Rotation of Workers – Employees are rotated or alternatively provided work within the week.
  • Forced Leave – Employees are required to go on leave for several days or weeks utilizing their leave credits, if there are any.
  • Employers and employees may explore other alternative work arrangements to mitigate the effect of loss of income of the employees.

The effectivity and implementation of any of these work arrangements shall be temporary in nature, subject to the prevailing conditions of the company.  Establishments implementing any of the alternative work arrangements shall

(a) Post a copy of the full text of the Labor Advisory, and

(b) Notify the DOLE through the Regional/Provincial/Field Office which has jurisdiction over the employer’s workplace in the prescribed Report Form. 

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