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Four Fronts to Develop the Future-Readiness of Your Talent

Posted by: The ADP Team on 26 September 2019 in Evolution of Work, Talent Management, Thought Leadership, Trend views

Take a look back 10 years ago – if you were an HR leader for your current firm – what kind of talent would you have been looking for?

Your answer would probably not include some of the most in-demand skills of today, be it hard skills like cloud computing, artificial intelligence, machine learning, or soft ones like agility, empathy, and effective remote management.

The world is constantly changing, so are the talents that we need to fuel the success of our business. The 4th industrial revolution that we’re experiencing now, together with the complex sociopolitical climate around the world as well as environmental issues, will make the changes even more frequent and profound an impact in the coming years. As a HR leader, it will be imperative to constantly reflect and think about the future, while building capabilities and mindsets to help talent get ready for whatever the changes are.

Now – using the same exercise…What kind of talent will your organization need to be successful in 2030?

A recent study Imagining Asia 2030: Future-Fluent Asian Leaders by Center for Creative Leadership (CCL), in partnership with ADP, interviewed a panel of senior business leaders, academics, futurists and government leaders across Asia to understand the megatrends that are shaping Asia and the talent that the region will need to embark on the 2030 journey. The study identifies four fronts that Asian leaders can work to prepare themselves for the future.

Shift Mindset to Deal with Uncertainties

Asia is now the fastest growing region in the world. Analysts predict that the region would become the largest economy by 2030. However, Asian countries have lower per-capita income in general compared to their European and U.S. counterparts, while each country has very different development focus to deal with their own social, economic and environmental issues.

The same trends that playing out globally may impact Asia in very different ways due to different context in the region. One of the mindset shifts that Asian leaders need to make is to look east for solutions rather than follow the western best practices as they used to, as the latter could no longer be available or relevant.

Build 9 Critical Capabilities

The study highlighted 9 capabilities that future Asian leaders need to build to ‘do’ differently, ‘learn’ differently and ‘feel’ differently.

Continuous learning, embrace contradictions, agility, ecosystem thinking, anticipation, comfort with discomfort – capabilities that are indispensable for leaders to navigate through the ever-changing business landscape are called out in the study, while some others such as personal accountability, intellectual honesty and empathy are also viewed as valued characteristics of Asian leaders, urging them to make decisions in a more relevant and responsible way.

Have the ‘Right’ Level of Awareness

Asian leaders will need to not only keep eyes on the technological and economic trends that may directly impact their business, but also be aware of the less obvious social, political and environmental contexts around them.

They may do so by constantly scanning the environment via social media, attending talks and conferences, initiating dialogues with peers, reading latest and relevant literature, and broadening their networks to engage with people from different backgrounds and expose themselves to very different points-of-view, in an effort to refine their thinking and foster a better understanding of the trends and the impact on business and societies.

Seek Diverse Experiences

The study also points out that future Asian leaders need to get as diverse a set of experiences as possible. Being diverse can take many forms including being part of a diverse team, working across different industries, or taking part in a global rotation program.

As one of the panelists that CCL interviewed puts, “when you’re exposed to different situations, you’re able to appreciate different perspectives better, and when you do so you can identify perspectives and ideas that are better suited to solve your problems. If you only see things from your own perspective, it is less likely that you will be able to solve your problems effectively.”

Are you a future fluent leader?

Download CCL’s report here to learn more about the actions businesses and HR leaders in Asia can take to be future-fluent and ready for the changes ahead.

Listen to our dialogue with Sunil Puri, Head of Research Asia Pacific from CCL on this topic to dig deeper.

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